3 Secret Website Promotion Techniques That Sizzle!

Web promotion is a big contributor for business growth. There are many techniques that are being practiced by web site owners to promote their web sites among the online audience. There are three secret web site promotion techniques that could definitely give your site that much needed edge. Providing links to your web sites from several different places on the net is one of the surest ways to increase web traffic. There are three ways to achieve this.

Every business has competition. The first secret technique to beat your competition will be to Google your competitor’s domain. Find out the sites, blogs and public discussion forums which link up to their web site. This way you get a list of relevant places where you should be putting up your links by posting into blogs and contributing articles/ discussion threads etc to forums. You can do this for every one of your competitors to exhaustively cover all possible online places to give your links. The links given in these blogs and forums are likely to be around for a long time and hence have long term benefits for your business. Of course you should be active and consistent – you should post updates and articles often and periodically and keep your links alive.

People generally search using keywords. They also ask questions. An example is Yahoo Answers where users can get answers to any question they want to ask. Your second secret technique is to post answers to potential questions in Yahoo Answers (and any other popular Question & answer sites). The questions should be well thought out and the answers should be interesting and relevant. The answers should certainly avoid being promotional; instead they can give a part of the answer and say that to find more the user can visit your web site. You should make sure that the answer links straight to the page where the entire detailed answer can be found and not to the home page or other pages. This is to ensure that you earn the trust of the user; he/ she will automatically be prompted to visit your home and learn more about the products and services that you offer. This way of building links to your web site is also a long term strategy as question & answer sites are used by several people most of the times.

The third secret technique is to get hold of a number of blogs that are already popular and are connected with your web site. Participating in these blog postings can go a very long way in generating traffic to your site. Every day a few blogs can be visited in turn and you can leave interesting posts with your signature that links back to your site subtly. Instead of placing posts that stand out, it will be natural to answer posts already there and be participative. If your posts are exciting, users are likely to be prompted to click on your signature and find out more about you.

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