How to Start and Run a Successful Online Home-Based Business – Part One

I constantly get people asking this question in my blog and think it will be best for me to write an article around this question. The question is: How do I start an online Home business with all the scams flying left and right without falling into those scams?People want to know what percentage of marketing or business in online and how they can get started.I thought of the last time I turned on the television without seeing a dot com shown, display or scrolling across the television screen. And found out that most commercial have a web address.I thought of the last time I drove for about 10 minutes in a city without seeing a web address looking at me from across the street. And found out that most businesses have web address. I concluded that most businesses are online. If you are not online, your neighbor or competitor, with the same type of business as yours is.Both small and large companies are spending millions of dollars on internet marketing campaigns every year. And more and more people are getting onto and using the internet every day. In addition to that, there is no other form of business that I know of that is easier or cheaper to get into than online home-based business. Now how do you start your own internet or online home-based business?Before you jump into it head first, I want to warn you that marketing online does take work. It actually takes lots of work. Do not listen to people who believe that it is as easy as just joining a successful company for $499 or buying a $499 product, working 2 hours a day and then you begin receiving shower of riches. If you are thinking of starting or having a successful internet business, expect to work hard.Please know that successfully online marketing takes time, effort and some monetary investment. Accept that anything can be marketed online but, not everything is good to market online. Some things do better than others. For something to be successfully marketed online, it should be something you are not sure of where to find it or how much it cost and have to search for it or Google it.You have to find out whether there are good niche opportunities for the products and/or services you want to market. A good online marketing or business niche has the following three great characteristics:1. People involve are normally find in group. They hang out with others in person and online to share common interest.2. People in involve are emotionally connected. They treat whatever they are promoting as something of great value and will do what it takes to support them, including spending lots of money.3. People involve are already spending money on them. The members are spending money on their interests and they do it often.Determine whether there is enough search volume for the keywords you are going to target and find out what it is going to take to compete in your chosen niche by doing a search of your determined keyword. Run your keyword in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You want to target those keywords or keyword phrases with at least 200 to 300 searches per day (high search volume) with less competitors. You can find a good tool for this job by searching for “AdWords keyword tool” in Google, get it and follow the instruction.Size up the competition by doing a quick search in the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) for the keywords you want to target. Take a look at the top 10 to 20 sites and determine the following:1. Are these sites professionally designed?
2. Do they have a clear call to action?
3. Is the content compelling and current?
4. What are they doing right?
5. What are they doing wrong? Use it to improve your site.
6. Are there any blogs or social networking in this niche?
7. How can you make your product, service and/or expertise stand out from the rest?You are doing this to determine whether you will be able to compete in this niche. You will also determine your ability to get into this project, amount of time you are willing to spend it, and the amount of money you are able to invest to really compete in this niche.Next, you need a website. The quickest and easiest way to build search engine friendly sites, that are easy to manage, is to use WordPress. Even if you are not going to utilize WordPress’ blogging features, it is still an excellent tool for quickly deploying websites. You can also build your website by using templates and website building software.Thank you for reading my article “How to Start and Run A Successful Online Home-based Business Part one’. Part Two can be read on my Blog.

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